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Full Name : Nallappa SUBBU REDDIAR

Date of Birth : 27 August 1916

Place of Birth : Perahambi, Lalgudi Taluq, Trichy District, Tamilnadu, INDIA

Parents : Father -  Gnani Nallappa Reddiar; Mother - Kamakshi Ammal

Education Informal Education at Perahambi, Lalgudi Taluq, Trichy District; Board Elementary School [Kottathur]; Zamindar Middle School [Thuraiyur]; District Board High School [Musiri]; St Joseph College, Trichy; Teachers' College, Saidapet, Madras [Chennai]; and Private Study at Thuraiyur, Karaikudi [Ramnad District, Tamilnadu] and Tirupathi [Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh ]{His Teachers}

Marriage : September 1936 - Wife's name : Sellapapa

Children : 

First son Ramalingam [13 October 1949]
Second son Ramakrishnan [22 November 1953]


Ms Prema Ramalingam
Ms Vijayalakshmi Ramakrishnan

Grandchildren :

Mrinalini Ram [14 July 1977]
Venkatesh [22 June 1978]
Anupama Ram [15 July 1980]
Prakash [15 November 1980]

Date of Death : 1 May 2006 [0400 Hrs] at Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA

Place of Cremation :  Electric Crematorium, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600 040, Tamilnadu, INDIA [2 May 2006]. Rituals and other rites were performed by his second son Dr S Ramakrishnan, accompanied by his first son, Dr S Ramalingam.

A Defining Episode in Professor's Life
The Episode in Professor's life which had dramatically turned his future is absolutely essential in knowing and understanding Professor. After his finishing schooling at Musiri [1934], his mother encouraged him to go for higher studies which was then available only at Tiruchirappalli [Trichy]. When his mother made an attempt to sell an agricultural wet land at Kottathur, which was yielding good produce at that time, there was a lot of hue and cry from and among her kith and kin who objected the sale. In spite of very strong opposition [both domestic and legal], his mother sold the property and sent her son to Trichy to pursue higher studies which astonishingly changed the life of Professor and uplifted him to the level he maintained till the time of his death in 2006. [The agricultural land forms the background of the Home Page]

Service to the Cause of  Tamil & Education : 65 years
Endowments established:   TEN
Awards received:  
Prizes won
:  Fourteen
Titles conferred:

Professor's Selected Works:

First Publication : Kavignan Ullam [1949]
Total Number of Publications : 135

His Masterpieces :

Tamil Payitrum Murai [1957]
Kalvi Ulaviyal Kotpaadukal [1989]
Vainava Selvam [1995]
Religion & Philosophy of Naalayira
Divyap-pirabhandham with special reference to Nammalwar [English]
[ His PhD thesis ] [1977]

His Major Works :

Ariviyal Payitrum Murai [1957]
Tholkappiyam Kaattum Vaazhkkai [1963]
Agathinai Kolkaikal [1981]
Muthi Neri [1982]
Kavithaiyanubhavam [1961]
Pudhuk-kavithai - Pokkum Nokkum [1983]
Vainava Uraivalam [1985]
Tamil Ilakkiyathil Aram, Needhi, Muraimai [1988]
Paattu-t-tiran [1988]
Saiva Samaya Vilakku [1984]
Parakalan Painthamizh [1992]
Saiva Siddhantham - Or Arimugam [2001]
Saivamum Thamizhum [2001]
Vainavamum Thamizhum [1998]
Moovar Thevaram - Pudhiya Paarvai [2003]


UNESCO - Ariviyal Payitrum Moola Mudhal Nool [1969]
Anukkaru Bhautheekam [1966]
Maanidha  Udal [1958]
Vemanar [1978] [Sahitya Academy]
CR Reddy [1981] [Sahitya Academy]

Books on Science: 

Illra Neri [[1964]
Namadhu Udal [1971]
Vaazhaiyadi Vaazhai [1984]
Thamizhil Ariviyal - Andrum Indrum [1990]


[ i ]  Tamil: 173

         First Article: â¡ù Ý„êKò‹? "Enna Aacharyam !"  [1949]

[ ii ] English: 27


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²ì„²ì «ï£ŸAŸ  ðõ˜‚°.       [°øœ : 267]


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