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Professor's contribution to the development of Tamil literature and language, & education is noteworthy.  He is a prolific writer and authored more than 130 books, in a wide variety of topics ranging from Tamil language , Tamil literature , space science , to education , educational psychology , literary criticism , and to religion , philosophy , genetics , biography , pedagogy , autobiography , etc

Professor had converted his knowledge and experience into books; as a headmaster he was teaching science and mathematics, culminating the arrival of some books on physics, chemistry, genetics, popular science, etc; When he was a Professor in the Department of Tamil in a Training College, he produced several books on pedagogy and educational technology, such as Tamil Payitrum Murai, Aviriyal Payitrum Murai, Kalvi Ulaviyal Kotpaadukal, etc. His book, Thamizh Payitrum Murai is considered as his magnum opus in pedagogy. During this period, Professor also produced few books on Tamil literature, Tamil language and literary criticism.

When he was a Professor and Head, Department of Tamil, Sri Venkateswara University , he produced variety of books  on religion , philosophy , Vaishnavism, and pilgrimage . His PhD thesis, " Religion and Philosophy of Nalayira Divya Prabhandham with special reference to Nammalvar ", published by Sri Venkateswara University in 1977 is considered to be his magnum opus in Vaishnavism.  After his retirement in 1977, he settled at Madras [Chennai] and during this period (till his death in 2006), he produced nearly 100 books out of total 135.  In fact, Sahitya Akademi assigned the job of translating three books [Vemanar, CP Reddy and Gujarada] into Tamil. On a specific assignment from Tamil University, Tanjore Professor conducted detailed research on Vaishnavism and produced an elaborate thesis  [in two volumes], entitled ‘ Vainava Selvam ' , considered to be the  masterpiece in Vaishnavite circle.  His 14 works received awards from the University of Madras and Government of Tamilnadu.




Number of Books

1941 - 1950

Headmaster, Zamindar High School , Thuraiyur


1950 - 1960

Professor, Dr Alagappa Chettiar Training College, Karaikudi


1960 - 1977

Professor, Dept of Tamil, Sri Venkateswara University , Tirupathi


1977 - 2006

Chief Editor, Tamil Encyclopedia, Chennai, Tamilnadu

Visiting Faculty [ Sri Venkateswara   University , Tirupathi,AP

Professor Emeritus [@ Kancheepuram] Tamil University , Tanjore, Tamilnadu

Honorary Director, Institute of Traditional Culture of South and Southeast Asia , Chennai, Tamilnadu      

Professor Emeritus [Life], Dept of Tamil Language & Literature, University of Madras , Chennai, Tamilnadu


Posthumous Publications




Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams, Tirupathi


Nivedhitha Pathipakam, Chennai - 600 083





Pending Publications





Tamil University , Tanjore - 613 005, Tamilnadu



Others [Manuscripts]


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