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topic ‘pedagogy’ appears more elegant and beautiful with Professor’s characteristic in-depth treatment. Probably, the fact that the most of his teachers demonstrated and excelled themselves  in imparting knowledge acted as a very strong foundation to Professor.  He wrote some classic books on pedagogy, such as ‘Tamil Payitrum Murai’, ‘Ariviyal Payitrum Murai’ and ‘Kalvi Ulaviyal Kotpadukal’ which prove the depth and breadth of his pedagogical knowledge.  Dr S Thiruvenkatachari, Professor of Education in his Foreword to ‘Tamil Payitrum Murai’, observes that the book is Professor’s magnum opus. For nearly fifty years [the book was first published in 1957], this book is considered as a prime source-book in almost all training schools/colleges in Tamilnadu.   His another book, ‘Kalvi Ulaviyal Kotpadukal’ is considered as Bible by the  teaching community.

On specific request and permission from UNESCO, Professor has translated the UNESCO publication entitled "Source Book for Science Teaching" into Tamil as ' Aritiyal Payitrum Moola Mudhal Nool' and the book was published by Orient Longmans, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

01 Tamil Payitrum Murai          1957
02 Ariviyal Payitrum Murai             1957
03 Kalvi Ulaviyal              1961
04 Kavithaiyanubhavam 1961
05 UNESCO - Ariviyal Payitrum Moola Mudhal Nool [Translation] 1969
06 Kavithai Payitrum Murai             1983
07 Kalvi Ulaviyal Kotpadukal            1989


1957 îI› ðJŸÁ‹ º¬ø  [Tamil Payitrum Murai  ]


Foreword by: [01] TS Avinasilingam, Former Education Minister, State of Madras & 

[02] Prof  Dr S Thiruvenkatachari, Professor of Education,  Dr Alagappa Chettiar Training College, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu

Bibliography: English and Tamil

Dedicated to: Professor's MOTHER

Special Feature: FIRST Authoritative book in Tamil Teaching

Publishers: SR Subramanya Pillai, Chennai - 600 001, Tamilnadu   [Further Editions were printed by several publishers]            


1957ÜPMò™ ðJŸÁ‹  º¬ø  [ Ariviyal Payitrum Murai ]
  Dedicated to: Dr RM Alagappa Chettiar [Educationist & Philanthropist]

Special Feature: FIRST book in Science Teaching

Publisher:  Palaniappa Brothers, Chennai - 600 014, Tamilnadu

                 [Further Editions: 1971 & 1982]



1961 è™M à÷Mò™ [Kalvi Ulaviyal  ]


Foreword by: GR Damodharan, Principal, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore - 641 004, Tamilnadu

Dedicated to: Bharat Ratna C Subramaniam, Former Minister, State of Madras

Special Feature: FIRST book in Educational Psychology

Publisher: S Vasan Company, Mylapore , Chennai - 600 004, Tamilnadu


1961 èM¬îò¸ðõ‹  [Kavithaiyanubhavam ]


Foreword by: [01] MP Meenakshisundaram, Head, Dept of Tamil, Annamalai University

[02] Dr A Chidambaranatha Chettiar, Chief Editor, English-Tamil Dictionary, University of Madras, Chennai - 600 005, Tamilnadu Dedicated to: Sir Dr A Lakshmanasamy Mudaliar, Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras

Publisher: South India Saiva Siddhantha Works Publishing Limited, Chennai - 600 001, Tamilnadu


1969  UNESCO - ÜPMò™ ðJŸÁ‹ Íô ºî Ë™
[UNESCO - Ariviyal Payitrum Moola Mudhal Nool]


Special Feature: Translation [with permission by UNESCO] of UNESCO Source Book for Science Teaching

Publisher: Orient Longmons, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002, Tamilnadu



1983 èM¬î ðJŸÁ‹ º¬ø  [Kavithai Payitrum Murai ]


Dedicated to: All Tamil Teachers

Publisher: Venkatam Publications, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600 040, Tamilnadu


1989  è™M à÷Mò™ «è£†ð£´èœ [Kalvi Ulaviyal Kotpadukal ]

Foreword by: KR Manickam, Former Principal, Govt Teachers' College, Saidapet, Chennai - 600 016, Tamilnadu

Bibliography: English &Tamil

Dedicated to: Prof Gurusamy Reddiar, Prof of Psychology, Govt Teachers' College, Saidapet, Chennai  - 600 016, Tamilnadu

Publisher: Manivasakar Pathipakam, Chennai - 600 108, Tamilnadu



â‡Eò  â‡Eò£ƒ°  ⌶ð  â‡Eò£˜
F‡Eò   ó£èŠ ªðP¡.             [°øœ : 666]


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