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Professor's mother, Kamakshi Ammal, was a great visionary and a woman of perseverance personified.  Born in a well to do agricultural family, brought up comfortably, married to Gnani Nallappa Reddiar of Kottathur  from a middle-class agricultural family, but unfortunately,  she became a widow at the age of about 23 years;  she showed an extraordinary mission in bringing up her only son to the level what he was at the time of his death on 1 May  2006.

Deriving the courage from the Will dated 17 Oct 1918 of her husband, she had to continue the agricultural activities, which were left by her husband, with enormous difficulties and in fact, her task was really a Herculean one.  As there was no sufficient income from agricultural products, she had to sell the properties periodically one by one to meet the educational expenses of her son at various stages. This act, naturally invited trouble from her own kith and kin and she boldly faced all legal proceedings initiated by them.  She decided not to leave any stone unturned to give the financial support for her son's studies.

When nothing was left except a small piece of agricultural land to support the higher education in a  Teacher Training College at Madras, her son [Professor] was forced to sell this property to one of his relatives for Rs. 700, though it could have fetched a minimum of Rs. 1500.00. When her son lamented about the deal, she remarked, “ The loss of Rs.800 is nothing when compared to the benefits you are going to get through this Rs.700; so forget about everything; proceed to Madras to continue your studies”. Such was her rustic wisdom.

When she died on 1 January 1959, Professor observed, in his Autobiography, as:

â¡ Ü¡¬ùJ¡ CõŠ«ðÁ


ß¡ø ªð£¿FŸ  ªðK¶õ‚°‹  î¡ñè¬ù„
꣡«ø£¡âù‚«è†ì î£Œ.      [°øœ : 69]


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All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his. << Oscar Wilde
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