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Though married in 1936, Professor had no children for nearly 12 years. Initiated and guided by his elderly relatives, Professor took up  a pilgrimage of 40 days, visiting several holy places and shrines invoking God's blessings.  With a meticulous planning and a systematic schedule, the pilgrimage covered Rameswaram, Kanya Kumari , Thiruvananthapuram , Srirangam Thiruththani, Palani, Thiruvannamalai, Madurai and Thiruchendhur . He was blessed with a son in 1949 and another son in 1953.

Until her death in 1959, Professor's mother had brought up the children with the traditional grandmotherly affection and love.  Though Professor had to leave his family [1960] when he decided to move to Tirupathi, he made proper and appropriate arrangements to take care of his sons' education at Karaikudi. When his family moved to Tirupathi, he himself took care his sons' education.

Father Gnani Nallappa Reddiar : Born in a middle-class agricultural family, he looked after  his ancestral agricultural activities; struggled to meet both ends. Married Kamakshi Ammal, had a only son (Professor) and died in 1919  when his son was about 3 years old. He left a Will dated 17 Oct 1918.

Mother Kamakshi Ammal  : Architect of Professor. Born at Perahambi  in a well to do agricultural family, studied up to 3rd standard and was married to Gnani Nallappal Reddiar of Kottathur. She became a widow when her only was about 3 years old. A woman of very great vision, patience, perseverance,  and rustic wisdom, she faced and won several domestic and legal battles in the long-fought process of educating her only son. After enjoying her last 5 years with the company of her grandchildren, she died on 1 January 1959 at Karaikudi.

Maternal Uncle: Pannai Nallappa Reddiar - Rich landlord in Perahambi, was a calm and quite man. He showed much love and fatherly affection to Professor, who lost his father at the age of about 3 years. He enjoyed ample income from agricultural activities, which were supervised by his mother. He remarried after the death of his first wife; due to consequential domestic issues, Professor and his maternal grandmother had to leave Perahambi and moved to Kottathur. Died in July 1959.

Wife Sellapapa : Born in a rich agricultural family, studied up to 3rd standard and married  Professor in 1936. Managed the financial affairs of the family till her marriage in 1936. Faced the legal battles initiated by her own brother Ramasamy Reddiar  against her and her own mother and won all of them with a great determination. Survives Professor's death on 1 May 2006.

Wife's Brother - Ramasamy Reddiar : Born in a well to do agricultural family, had limited education.  He remarried, while his first wife was alive, and on the ill-advice of his new father-in-law, he started creating all sorts of problems to himself, to  his own children, to his only sister [Professor's wife] and even to his own mother. He initiated several legal proceedings against his own sister and mother, lost most of his family wealth, ruined his own family and gained displeasure from everybody. Died in 1978.


Prof Dr S Ramalingam - Born  at Thuraiyur on 13 October 1949, he completed his education at Karaikudi, Tirupathi,  Coimbatore & Madras [Chennai]. Got married in 1976 [ Ms Prema Ramalingam],  served for about 14 years in the banking industry, and as an educational consultant for about 12 years. At present, he is a Professor in an University. His two daughters are employed, married and settled in USA.

Dr S Ramakrishnan - Born at Karaikudi on 22 November 1953, he completed his medical education both at Tirupathi and Madras [Chennai]. Got married in 1977 [Ms Vijayalakshmi Ramakrishnan], served Indian Council for Medical Research, Chennai for about two years; later, he did his residency in USA and in the late 1990s, he settled in USA along with his family. His two sons had their education in USA.


Mrinalini Ram
[Elder son's first daughter]
Born on 14 July 1977,
Educated at Chennai (Tamilnadu)
and US, married; worked in US and at present settled at Chennai..

R Venkatesh
[Younger son's first son] Born on 22 June 1978,
Educated at Chennai (Tamilnadu) and US, completed his study in US and settled in US.

Anupama Ram
[Elder son's second daughter]
Born on 15 July 1980,
Educated at Chennai (Tamilnadu)
and US, married and settled in US.

R Prakash
[Younger son's second son] Born on 15 November 1980,
Educated at Chennai (Tamilnadu) and had education in US..

93rd Bithday [27 Aug 2008]

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