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School Education

Young Subbu completed his  school education in two places, namely at Thuraiyur and at Musiri. In 1934, he  passed VI Form [XI standard]. To reach this stage, his mother had to struggle and, in fact sold some properties at throw away prices. In this process, she received displeasure from her kith and kin. Also, they initiated some legal action against her and, she had to face these legal hurdles for a very long time in her life.

At Thuraiyur
Subbu completed his VIII standard [III Form] in Zaminar Middle School , at Thuraiyur and passed the Government examination obtaining the second rank in the school. As there was no facility to continue his education at Thuraiyur, he  moved to Musiri.

At Musiri
He continued his education in District Board High School at Musiri and completed his XI standard [VI Form], obtaining the second rank in the school. In VI Form, he studied Chemistry as an Elective in the English medium.

College Education

As  his mother continued to struggle to manage the chronic financial constraints, Subbu moved to Trichy to do his  BSc and, then to Madras [Chennai] to get LT [Licentiate of Teaching].

At Trichirappalli

With the money from the sale proceeds of wet agricultural land at Kottathur and his mother's blessings, he moved to Trichy  and completed his Intermediate Course at St Joseph College in 1936. As he got married in Sept 1936 and also due to his illness, he had to discontinue his studies for one year [1936-1937]. After a gap of one year, he again joined the same college  and completed his BSc [Chemistry] obtaining third rank in the University of Madras in 1939. As his mother continued to struggle to meet his educational expenses, Subbu decided to hunt for a job during 1939-1940.  His attempt miserably failed to fetch any fruitful results.

At Madras [Chennai]

To meet the expenses of further study, Subbu had to sell a piece of agricultural land to one of his relatives at nearly half the price. With this money, he moved to Madras [Chennai] and joined Teachers' College at Saidapet, Madras [Chennai] and completed his LT [Licentiate in Teaching] in 1941. As soon as he finisheed his studies at Madras, an offer was made  to him  for the post of a Headmaster in a school at Thuraiyur.

Private  Education

Even during his service, Professor continued to study and improve his knowledge. He passed Vidwan [Tamil] in 1944 obtaining first rank,  passed BA [Tamil] in 1947 obtaining first rank in the University of Madras and then, passed MA [Tamil] in 1951 obtaining second rank in the University of Madras. He registered for PhD in 1964 in the Department of Sanskrit, Sri Venkateswara University and submitted his thesis entitled " Religion and Philosophy of Nalayira Divya Prabhandam with special reference to Nammalvar " and receiveed PhD from the University in 1970. Later, in 1977 Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi  published this thesis as a book. In his autobiography, Professor glorifies most of his teachers.



Professor's life and other related events during this period [1916 - 1941] were narrated in his autobiography, 'Ninaivukkumizhikal - I'.


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