Landmarks in the History of Modern Indian Education


 Major Happenings
1835 Macaulay's Minute on Education
1835 Resolution of March 7
1854 Wood's Dispatch
1882-83 Indian Education Commission
1887 Committee appointed to examine the Textbooks in use in Indian Schools
1902 Indian Universities Commission
1904 Resolution of Government on Educational Policy
1904 Indian Universities Act
1890 -1905
National Education Movement
1910-12 Gokhale's Bill for Compulsory Primary Education
1913 Government Resolution on Education Policy
1917-22 Calcutta University Commission
1920-22 National Education Movement
1928-29 Hartog Committee
1935 Government of India Act
1936-37 Abbot-Wood Report
1938 Zakir Hussain Committee
1944 Sargent Report
1948-49 University Education Commission
1950 Constitutional Basis Commission
1950 Committee on the Ways and Means of Financing Educational Development
1951 Committee on the Relationship between State Government and Local Bodies in the Administration of Primary Education
1952-53 Secondary Education Commission
1956 The Concept of Basic Education
1955-56 Assessment Committee on Basic Education
1956-57 Sanskrit Commission
1957 Committee on Rural Education
1957 Integration of Post Basic and Multipurpose Schools
1957-59 National Committee on Women's Education
1959 National Seminar on Orientation of Elementary Schools towards Basic Pattern
1959-60 Committee on Religious and Moral Instruction
1960 Committee on Student Indiscipline
1960 Panel on Higher Secondary School Buildings
1961 Committee on Emotional Integration
1959-64 Kunzru Committee on Coordination of Physical Education
1961-64 Committee on Child Care
1961-64 Indian Parliamentary and Scientific Committee
1961-64 Committee on Differentiation of Curricula for Boys and Girls
1964 Panel on Science Education in Secondary Schools
1963-64 Committee on Girls Education and Public Cooperation
1966 Committee on School Textbooks
1964-66 Education Commission
1968 National Policy on Education
1968 Working Party on Educational Planning, Administration and Evaluation
1968 Seminar on Institutional Planning
1968 All India Conference on Educational and Vocational Guidance
1969 National Seminar on Population Education
1969 Study Group on Supervision and Inspection
1967-69 Committee on Rural Higher Education
1970 Gandhian Values in Education
1970 National Seminar on District Education Officers
1970 National Seminar on Primary and Work Orientated Education
1970 Seminar on Open University
1970 Committee on School Buildings
1971 Committee on Examinations
1971 All India Conference on Vocational Guidance and Testing
1972 Study Group on Training of Education Officers
1969-73 Committee on Governance of Universities and Colleges
1972 Study Group on the Development of the Pre-School Child
1973 National Committee on 10+2+3 Educational Structure
1971-74 Committee on the Status of Women
1974 National Policy for Children
1971-74 Expert Group on Curriculum for the Ten-year School: A Framework
1976 Curriculum Committee on Higher Secondary Education and its Vocationalisation
1977 Adult Education - A Policy Statement
1977 Review Committee [Ishwarbhi Patel Committee] on the Curriculum for the Ten-year School
1978 Fourth All-India Educational Survey
1978 National Review Committee on Higher Secondary Education
1978 Development of Higher Education in India: A Policy Framework
1981 Working Group on Autonomous Schools
1983-85 National Commission on Teachers I
1983-85 National Commission on Teachers II
1985 National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Education: A Framework
1985 Challenge of Education: A Policy Perspective
1986 National Policy on Education
1986 Programme of Action
1983-86 Committee of Revision of Pay Scales of Teachers in Universities and Colleges
1986 Committee on Revision of Pay Scales of Librarians and Directors of Physical Education in Universities and Colleges
1988 National Curriculum for Elementary and Secondary Education
1988 National Expert Committee on Grades for Technical Teachers and Action thereon
1988 National Literacy Mission [NLM]
1988 Committee on Accreditation and Assessment Council
1988 Fifth All-India Educational Survey [AIES]
1987-90 Gnanam Committee: Towards New Educational Management
1990 Ramamurti Review Committee
1992 CABE Committee or Janardhana Reddy Committee
1992 Revised National Policy on Education
1993 Education for All: The Indian Scene
1998 Notification of Revision of Pay Scales
1999 Sixth All India Educational Survey
2002 National Human Development Report
2003 State Studies in School Education: Status, Issues and Future Perspectives