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Professor visited USA with his wife in 2002 and later Sri Lanka by himself.  Professor's unique religious and philosophical treatment excel when he narrates several fascinating scenes and his personal experiences in foreign countries.  How his visit to Niagara receives superb treatment is to be believed only by going through his narration in his 'En America Payanam'. 


01 En Americap-payanam 2004
02 En Elangaip-payanam Under Print


2004 ⡠ܪñK‚èŠ ðòí‹ [En America Payanam]

Foreword by: Dr N Mahalingam, Chairman, Sakthi Group

Dedicated to: All Tamils living in USA

Publisher: Venkatam Publications, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600 040, Tamilnadu


ñø‰¶‹ Hø¡«è´  ÅöŸè  ÅN¡
Üø…Åö‹ Å›‰îõ¡  «è´.   [°øœ : 204]

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