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He, in 1950, joined as a Lecturer at Algappa Chettiar Training College, Karaikudi and did some monumental work to initiate the developmental tasks for the Department of Tamil and, in 1960 as a Professor and Head, he left the College and proceeded to join Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh.

Academic Activities

As the first and the only man in the Department of Tamil, at Dr Alagappa Chettiar Training College, he took several activities for developing the Department of Tamil. As a part of curriculum for teacher training students, he planned and conducted several off-campus camps with the aim of developing the nuisances of the teaching skills among the teacher-trainees.  Also he devoted utmost time and energy in starting and developing a library for the Department. [In 1985, the Government of Tamilnadu established Alagappa University, by bringing all colleges together founded by Dr RM Alagappa Chettiar].

Inaugural of Dr Alagappa Chettiar Training College in 1950

As a Teacher's teacher, Professor had written several books on pedagogy , viz., Tamil Payitrum Murai, Ariviyal Payitrum Murai, Kalvi Ulaviyal, Kavithai Payitrum Murai and Kavithaiyanubhavam; "Tamil Payitrum Murai" is still considered to be the only authority in teaching of Tamil.  In addition to these, Professor had translated some science books into Tamil, for example, 'Maanidha Udal' [The Science Book of Human Body by Edith Spron] and 'Anukkaru Bhautheekam' [Nuclear Physics by W Heisenberg]. "Anukkaru Bhautheekam" was awarded 'Best Translation Prize' by the University of Madras.

Literary Circle

Apart from his academic activities, he found enjoyable the good literary company among the Tamil scholars, like Roya Cho, Sa Ganesan, etc.  Kamban Vizha, an annual feature at Karaikudi, initiated and organised by Kamban Adipodi Sa Ganesan gave the Professor ample opportunity to meet and converse with almost all Tamil scholars and savants of Tamilnadu such as, Thiru Vi Ka , Maraimalai Adigal, etc.  May be, these 10 years in the company of great Tamil scholars made Professor most ardent devotee to the beauty of Tamil language and literature.

Being ambitious and seeking broader and higher avenues, Professor left Dr Alagappa Chettiar Training College, Karaikudi and joined as a Lecturer in Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh in August 1960.



Professor's life and other related events during this period [1950 - 1960] were narrated in his autobiography, 'Ninaivukkumizhikal - III'.

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