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Professor had spent nearly half of his service in Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, joining as a Lecturer and retiring as a Professor and Head of the Department of Tamil. During these years, he completed and obtained PhD for his study of Vaishnavism [ Religion and Philosophy of Nalayira Divya Prabhandham with special reference to Nammalvar ] and started Post-graduate courses leading to MA degree of Sri Venkateswara University and also research programs leading to MPhil and PhD. When he left Sri Venkateswara University in 1977, the Department of Tamil was fully functional with research activities. During his tenure at Sri Venkateswara University, the Department of Tamil was the most popular and active Department in the University.

Developing the Tamil Department

In August 1960, he joined as a Lecturer of Tamil in Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi and there was no Department of Tamil as such. In early sixties, he initiated and established Tamil Sangams in the neighbourbood of the University in places like Pakala, Chittoor, Nagari and Puthur, etc and also he was responsible to have Tamil as one of the languages in the schools in and around Tirupathi. After his Herculean effort, he got necessary and sufficient grant from the Government of Tamilnadu to facilitate and  establish post-graduate programs in the Department of Tamil of the University. In fact, post-graduate course in Tamil, leading to MA degree of the University, was introduced in 1970. During the next three years, Professor was concentrating on establishing research activities and MPhil courses in Tamil were introduced followed by PhD programs in Tamil language and literature.  To encourage and give opportunities to the students to meet and converse with Tamil scholars, Professor utilised the grant offered by the University Grant Commission, New Delhi and initiated and conducted  four national level seminars on most popular themes in Tamil literature  by inviting eminent Tamil scholars and savants from different Universities in Tamilnadu. As most of the proceedings, especially inaugural and valedictory sessions were conducted in English, these seminars were very popular and well received by all the students and staff members of the University. The Sri Venkateswara University in their website acknowledged Professor's service as:

" The Department of Tamil established in 1969 blossomed into a full-fledged post-graduate and Research Department with a goodwill grant of Rs.50,000/- sanctioned by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1970. With commendable pioneering spirit, a stalwart in the field, Dr N Subbu Reddiar conceived the idea of the post-graduate and Research Department and worked ceaselessly for its establishment. This is the only Tamil Department in India which has expertise in Vaishnava Literature and Philosophy ".

Research Activities

After the first batch of MA students successfully came out, MPhil courses in Tamil language and literature  were started and the students were encouraged to pursue MPhil programs. On the initiative of Professor, students undergoing MPhil and PhD were offered financial assistance in the form of scholarship, fellowship, etc. Several Telugu-speaking Tamil students had utilised these facilities and prospered well and were able to procure good positions in the schools and college in and around Tirupathi. Encouraged by Professor, several students participated and presented research papers in the state as well as national level seminars and symposia conducted by SV University and other universities in different parts of India. In the process, research students got self-confidence and broader outlook. Department of Tamil had produced 60 PhDs and 48 MPhil scholars, and had published 25 books and 178 papers. At present, 15 students are doing research.

Scholarly Pilgrimage

As a part of his own research work leading to PhD, Professor undertook scholarly pilgrimage to Vaishnavite shrines, known as "108 Divya Desams of Vishnu [Abodes of Vishnu]" in the southern states and also few in north India.  The experience acquired during these visits had taken the form of several books, such as 'Thondainattu-t-thirupathikal' , 'Paandinattu-t-thirupathikal', 'Cholanaattu-t-thirupathikal', 'Malainaattu-t-thirupathikal' and 'Vadanaattu-t-thirupatikal' .


Professor's life and other related events during this period [1960 - 1977] were narrated in his authobiography, 'Ninaivukkumizhikal - IV'.

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