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On the invitation from the promoters [Vijaya Venkatachala Durai and Muthu Venkatachala Durai], Subbu had taken charge as a Headmaster of the Middle School, known as Zamindar   School, at Thuraiyur. Below is the room in which Professor served as Headmaster of the school.

Educational Administrator

From the day one, he took an extraordinary interest in all the aspects of the establishment of the school , namely, maintaining accounts, recruitment of teachers, organizing class works, and initiating a meticulous correspondence with the district educational authorities to promote the school into a high school. At the end of third year, Zamindar school attained the status of a High School. During this tenure, he had established Trichy District Tamil Teacher's Forum, organised several literary seminars by inviting Tamil scholars from Madras [Chennai] and other places. He contributed a lot in establishing Thuraiyur Teachers' Federation. When he was working as a Headmaster, he had completed Vidwan [Tamil] and BA [Tamil] by private study.

Interest in Tamil

In addition to these academic activities, Professor took active interest and role in organising several seminars on religious and literary topics by inviting popular Tamil scholars, like Arignar CN Annadurai, Dr M Varadarajan, Professor AM Paramasivanandam, Sri Venkatarajulu Reddiar, Sri C Ilakkuvanar, Sri PR Purushothama Naidu, Sri Natesa Mudaliar and Bharathidasan.

Legal Battles

During this period, Professor had to face several legal battles initiated by his uncle [wife's brother - Ramasamy Reddiar] against his own mother [Subbu's mother-in-law] and this protracted legal proceedings, lasting several years,  ended up with enduring bitter experience among the family members.


As there was no child even after twelve years' of marriage, Professor, on the advice of his elderly relatives, decided to undertake an elaborate pilgrimage to several holy shrines in Tamilnadu. During the summer of 1948, he proceeded to visit Rameswaram , Thiruchendhur , Madurai , Palani , Kanyakumari , Trivandrum , Thiruvannamalai , Thiruthani , Madras (now, Chennai) and Srirangam . This tour took 40 long days. On 13 October 1949, Profesor was blessed with a son. In 1949, he was invited to take an assignment in Dr Alagappa Chettiar Training College, Karaikudi, which he had accepted and, in 1950 shifted his family to Karaikudi.


Professor's life and other related events during this period [1941 - 1950] were narrated in his autobiography, 'Ninaivukkumizhikal - II'


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