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Several Charitable Organizations, Trusts, Philanthropists have established Endowments in Universities, educational institutions, etc with the sole object of developing a specified field, viz Tamil Language, Recent developments in Medical world, Indian contribution to world culture, etc. The income earned out of the corpus fund donated by the donor is utilized to arrange lectures by eminent scholars in the respective fields. In some cases, the lectures so delivered are compiled and published as a book.

Professor himself has established TEN such endowments ["Prof Dr N Subbu Reddiar and Tmt Sellapapa Ammal"] in several universities and educational institutions by donating his own funds as well as cash prizes received.

When Professor wanted to establish an Endowment entitling, 'Prof Dr N Subbu Reddiar and Tmt Sellapapa', he received a letter from the Registrar of Bharathiar University stating:

"I am, by direction to inform you that the Syndicate has approved to institute an endowment. Further, the Syndicate has resolved that as the proposed name of the endowment carries a caste name, a letter be written to Dr Subbu Reddiar stating the Syndicate resolution which says that caste names will not included in the name of Endowments and medal. Hence you are requested to suggest a new name for the Endowment excluding caste name so that Endowment and meal be instituted in the new name" [Vide C1/15929/2002 dated 11.1.2002]

When Professor disagreed to have any change in the name of Endowment, he received a reply from the Registrar stating:

"I am, by direction to inform you that the Syndicate at its meeting held on 22.2.2002 has resolved that the requerst of Dr N Subbu Reddiar to institute an Endowment in the name of "Prof Dr N Subbu Reddiar and Tmt Chellapapa Ammal" for award of Medal/Prize(s) to the best student who secures First Class with First Rabnk in MA Tamil degree course be not accepted and the amount of Rs.25000.00 received from him for instituting an endowment be returned/refunded." [Vide C1/15929/2002 dated 2.4.2002]

It may be noted that no University in Tamilnadu had raised any objection to the name of the Endowment, viz, "Prof Dr N Subbu Reddiar and Tmt Sellapapa ".

Also Professor gave lectures on several topics in various endowments established by other charitable institutions in universities and, published those lectures  in a book form, thus setting a new trend in the history of endowment lectures.


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