Early Life

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Since his birth in 1916, he spent his early childhood in his native village, Kottathur and its neighbourhood.   When he was about 3 years of age, his father [Gnani Nallappa Reddiar] passed away after leaving a Will.

At Perahambi

After his father's death,  as the burden of looking after the agricultural activities fell upon his young widowed-mother [Kamakshi Ammal], Subbu [as he was known then]  was sent to spend his life in his maternal uncle's [Pannai Nallappa Reddiar] house at Perahambi. He lived a luxurious life, enjoying all available facilities at his uncle's house. At about the age of 5, his education started in a pial in his uncle's house at Perahambi. His first teacher, Linga Chettiar commenced the teaching with the words: ' Hari, Namo Siddham '. Here, Subbu learned moral literature, Tamil and elementary arithmetic. After his maternal uncle's wife's death, and his subsequent remarriage, Subbu had to return back to his native place Kottathur along with his maternal grandmother.

At Kottathur

At his native place, he had to confront the difficult days due to acute financial crisis. In order to improve the income, his mother decided to run her own agricultural activities. He joined in a Board Elementary School at Kottathur having only one teacher [Chandrasekara Iyer, alias Vellore Vathiar]. He learned Tamil and basic arithmetic. Later Subbu studied English and Mathematics from Samuel Pillai and VK Ranganatha Iyer, who joined the school later. His primary education continued till 1930 and then, Subbu had to leave his native place as there was no high school at his village. His teacher, VK Ranganatha Iyer had taken the responsibility of putting the boy-Subbu at the proper school and accordingly  Subbu joined  in Zamindar Middle School, at Thuraiyur. In 1931, he moved to Musiri to continue  his school education.


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