Educational Administrators

Prof P Jayarama Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, SVU

"...... Prof Reddiar has a distinguished and fruitful career extending over three decades and has established himself as an eminent scholar in Tamil literature. Prof Reddiar's writings are versatile and include scientific and philosophic theme. But for his efforts, the Tamil Department in this University would not have come up the present level...."

Prof SVJ Lakshman, Vice-Chancellor, SVU

"... Prof Reddiar is a founder of the Tamil Department in this University. I have always great appreciation for his harad work and intelligence....."

Prof Sathish Chandra, Chairman, University Grants Commission

".... Prof N Subbu Reddiar's services to the Tamil language and literature are well-known to the people of the South...."

Dr S Ramachanra Rao, Vice-Chairman, UGC

"... Prof Dr Reddiar is the most distinguished scholar, teacher and writer of Tamil. His services as Tamil Professor especially his founding and running of PG and  Research Department of Tamil as its Head at Sri Venkateswara University and his contribution to literature criticism, especially his study of poetry and religious philosophy and experience of the Alvars are invaluable...."

Prof K Sachithananda Moorthy, Vice-Chancellor, SVU

"... Prof Reddiar has written much and has also taught for many years at various levels. He has made a special study of Nammalvar and his magnum opus is Nammalvar's thought.... He had an important role in Sri Venkateswara University obtaining grant from Tamilnadu Government for the Tamil Department....."

Dr D Jagannatha Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, SVU

".... Prof Reddiar has indefatigable energy and infectious enthusiasm in organizing academic programmes. He delights in the revival, publicity and enlightening of Tamil literature to the youth as well as to the elders by periodically convening seminars wherein giants and Pulavars in Tamil are enjoyed to participate, thus making Sri Venkateswara Senate Hall a place of pilgrimage as well as a forum for dialogue, debate and recital... Prof Reddiar is a multifaceted personality. He typifies Tamilian culture by wearing the mantle of humility under which his immense treasure of Tamil literature is stocked...."

Dr VC Vaman Rao, Vice-Chancellor, SVU

".... Dr Reddiar is a silent and devoted worked in the field of Tamil language and literature and he does not make any show of his scholarship or erudition. He is all humility and remains of the great Vaishnavite saint, Nammalvar, who, after realization said, "Oh, Lord, now I find that "I" and 'Mine' are only 'Thee' and 'Thine' .....'

Thiru TM Narayanaswami Pillai, Vice-Chancellor, Annamalai University

"... Prof Reddiar is a brilliant example of one, who has risen from the bottom of teaching profession to the top of it in a distinguished university by his ability, character and unremitting work. His life has been of dedication in Tamil; he is a profound scholar who has done valuable research. ...."

Dr Malcolm S Adiseshiah, Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras

"..... Professor Reddiar is a renowned scholar in Tamilology with a good background of science. To his credit he has brought several worthy volumes on different spheres - literature, literary criticism, grammar, religion and education...."

Prof SV Chittibabu, Vice-Chancellor, Madurai-Kamaraj & Annamalai Universities

"......Dr Reddiar is known all over Tamilnadu as an erudite Tamil scholar. Born in a middle class family he has attained fame by dint of his inherent merit and hard labour... His books on science, philosophy, grammar, etc bear stamp of his lucidity of expression, vastness of style and richness of ideas. ..."

Prof MK Ramakrishnan, Registrar, SVU

"... over the past years Prof Reddiar has written valuable works on literature, literary criticism, education and teaching, many of his publications bagging coveted awards from the Govt of Tamilnadu and University of Madras... It could be said of Reddiar that he was the founder-professor of Tamil in Sri Venkateswara University. It was due to his untiring efforts, his selfless and successful liaison work with the Govt of Tamilnadu that the Dept of Tamil in the University came into being. I have watched with admiration the unflagging zeal and enthusiasm with which Prof Reddiar built up the Department brick by brick and brought it to this level of eminence. ..."

Sri M Balarama Reddy, Syndicate Member, SVU

"... Dr N Subbu Reddiar is an acclaimed academician in the Tamil world, with very many publications to his credit. The awards and prizes he got for his publications will speak about his rare ability. His ability to make the most obtuse matter into easily understandable language even to the laymen is most admirable. .."

Sri Anam Sanjeeva Reddy, Syndicate Member, SVU

".... Prof Reddiar is a distinguished Tamil scholar and professor; and he has done yeomen service to the cause of Tamil learning, and his writings by way of literary interpretation, popular science, philosophy and devotional expositions are an enduring witness to this achievements....."

Dr S Subramaniam, Director, International Institute of Tamil Studies, Taramani, Chennai - 600 113

".... Dr N Subbu Reddiar is one of the great scholars in Tamil. He has contributed books on different subjects in Tamil. His publications consist of scientific works, literary works, literary theories, literary criticism etc. He is an unassuming type of man with good and sympathetic heart to all people he comes across. He is liked by everybody who comes in contact with him. ...."

Dr TB Siddalingiah, Director, Institute of Correspondence Course & Continuing Education, University of Madras

".... A versatile genius, as Dr Reddiar is, he has published a number of books on various topics. He has touched every aspect of Tamil literature, poetry, short stories, literary appreciation and interpretation and literary criticism. His writings on science subjects are real contribution to Tamil education and teaching methods have also been his interest for long. ...."

Prof KR Srinivasa Aiyengar, Vice-Chancellor, Andhra University

"...........As a teacher too, he has accumulated a body of variegated experience ranging from the Headmastership of the Turaiyur High School to the Headship of the Department of Tamil Studies in Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. Scholar, teacher, organizer of teaching, savant in Tamil language and literature, disseminator of knowledge about Vaishnava religion and philosophy, and well-informed and animated guide to the hundred hallowed Vaishnava shrines  in South India, Prof Subbu Reddiar is a man of many parts, and these facets of his learning and personality stand revealed in the present collection of 27 papers, which is really a selection from a corpus comprising more than double the number...."