Prof MV Ramasharma, Professor of English, Sri Venkateswara University [SVU], Tirupathi

"........Professor N Subbu Reddiar is a prolific writer. His work is comprehensive and deals with science, politics, religion and literature. His contribution to Tamil literature and literary criticism is vast and immense...."

Prof GN Reddy, Professor of Telugu, SVU

"... Prof N Subbu Reddiar has carved himself a unique place in the modern Tamil literature both as a scholar  and a prolific writer. His writings which are well-known extends to different areas like criticism, education, grammar, philosophy, modern science, etc. ..."

Prof PV Arunachalam, Professor of Mathematics, SVU

"..... We always remember how Prof Reddiar worked to buildup the Tamil department of our University....."

Prof K Gopichand, Professor of Electrical Engineering, SVU Collge of Engg

"... Company of Prof Dr N Subbu Reddiar with a smile always is ever memorable. Amongst linguistic scholars, there are very few who will accord equality, in all languages, but our Dr N Subbu Reddiar is an exception. His interest ranges from science, mathematics, medicine to technology...."

Prof N Balakrishna Reddy, Professor of Geography, SVU

".... Prof N Subbu Reddiar is a devoted teacher, a distinguished scholar, an eminent academician and a popular man of letters. His versatile genius is reflected, in his scintillating contributions touching almost every branches of Tamil literature ranging from literary criticism to poetry, and religions philosophy to science..."

Prof Sohanlal Nagda, Professor of Population Studies, SVU

"....Prof Reddiar's contributions to the field of research, literature, literary criticism, science, education and teaching are commendable....."

Prof IM Rao, Professor of Botany, SVU

".... After a brilliant academic career, Prof Reddiar as a Headmaster of a High School, teaching mathematics and science subjects and ended his professional career as Professor and Head of the Dept of Tamil in a University..."

Prof ER Sreekrishna Sarma, Professor of Sanskrit, SVU

"... Prof Reddiar dedicated himself to the tireless service of the University for the last seventeen years. The large number of works in various fields of discipline, such as humanities, science reveals his versatile genius and hard work..."

Prof VR Krishnan, Professor of Chemistry, SVU

"... Prof Reddiar's services to this University and for the advancement of the cause of Post-Graduate education and research beyond the borders of Tamilnadu will be remembered with gratitude.... His erudition and scholarship and his productivity have won the admiration of his students, colleagues and vast reading public, the new-literates of Tamil. His distinguished career has been intensely fruitful...."

Prof MP Sastry, Professor of Statistics, SVU

"... Prof Reddiar is an eminent scholar in Tamil. He wrote several popular books on various intricate scientific topics and got awards from University and government...."

Prof S Narayana Rao, Professor of Psychology, SVU

"...I feel that very few people have had the good fortune of achieving the precious goals of life as Prof Reddiar did. He can rightly take the pride in the contribution that he made to scientific literature in Tamil language. As a prolific writer he brought to the common man the wisdom and knowledge that was not available in his mother tongue...."

Prof K Sitaram, Professor of Mathematics, SVU

".... Prof Reddiar founded and built up the Dept of Tamil in this University. I observe that in his conversation he is given to explaining things in minute details. I think that this is probably the strong point of his writings...."

Prof ST Narasimhachari, Professor of Hindi, SVU

".... Prof Reddiar is a great scholar in Tamil language and literature. He has done creditable work in this field and will be remembered for his qualitative and quantitative contributions. His interests are varied and include philosophy, teaching methods and popular science....."

Dr BRK Rao, Reader in Economics, SVU

"... As a teacher and researcher Prof Reddiar has earned many laurels. He is a man of sterling character benevolent conduct and cosmopolitan outlook and literal in nature......"

Prof VM Reddi, Professor of History, SVU

".....Prof Reddiar is a scholar or rare eminence; his contribution to the promotion of Tamil literature is impressive. His grasp of whatever subject he has chosen for study, whether science or literature, philosophy and literary criticism, religion or education and the facility of expression are such that he can rise to heights to impress a scholar and at the same time can come on par with a layman to convey his ideas. The many awards he received bear testimony to these qualities....."

Dr SS Subramanian, Reader in Mathematics, SVU College of Engg

"....Prof N Subbu Reddiar is a voracious reader and voluminous writer of quality in Tamil; he did not touch anything that did not adorn in Tamil language and literature....."

Prof G Leelakrishnan, Professor of Botany, Sri Govindarajaswamy College, Tirupathi

"... Many have clucked their tongues about Dr Reddiar's highly diversified subject matter in writing....."

Prof B Rama Raju, Professor of Telugu, Osmani University

"... I have the good fortune of knowing him intimately during the several All India Oriental Conference Sessions and University meetings. Besides being an eminent scholar, Dr Reddiar is sound researcher and a true guide in the full sense of the term....."

Prof M Shanmugam Pillai, Professor of Tamil, Madurai-Kamaraj University

"... Professor Reddiar's interest is wide and varied. He has published practically on every subjects, on education, science, literature, literary criticism, Vaishnava philosophy, etc.  He is responsible to establish a Dept of Tamil at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi...."

Prof KK Raja, Professor of Sanskrit, University of Madras

"... Prof Reddiar is a well-known scholar in Tamil language and literature, and a prolific writer of topics covering a wide range of Indian culture...."

Prof VP Singh, Professor of Hindi, Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi

"... I have been knowing Prof Reddiar for the last 15 years. He is really a most distinguished scholar, teacher and writer of Tamil. He is a many sided genius. Besides literature, he has written books on religion, philosophy and science...."

Prof K Rangaswami Ayyengar, Professor of Botany, Annamalai University

"... Prof Reddiar is a multifaceted personality having contributed to science, philosophy and religion. His greatest contribution is his facile pen by which he has interpreted profoundest thoughts in science in simple and intelligible Tamil....."

Dr A Chidambaranatha Chettiar, Chief Editor, English-Tamil Dictionary, University of Madras

"... I agree with the author that students have to be taught the way in which they should approach poetry and the way in which they can appreciate poetry. I am sure that a perusal of this book will help hundreds of students of literature to enjoy poetry better. Any book that enhances our delight in that direction is a welcome addition...."