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The following weblinks would take the viewers to the world of language & literature, both Indian and foreign, literary award establishments like Sahitya Academy, and writers.

World Literature - A Summary

Indian Literature ::  A Survey

African Literature
American Literature

Arabic Literature
Argentine Literature


Language & Linguistics

Australian Literature
Brazilian Literature

British Literature
Canadian Literature

Dravidian Languages

Tamil Language

Chinese Literature
Croatian Literature 

Czech Literature   
English Literature

Tamil Literature

Telugu Literature

European Literature   
French Literature

German Literature   
Greek Literature

Sanskrit Language

Bengali Literature

Hungarian Literature       
Irish Literature

Italian Literature   
Jamaican Literature

Kannada Literature

Malayalam Literature

Japanese Literature  
Korean Literature

Latin Literature     
Mexican Literature

Hindi Literature

Urdu Literature

New Zealand Literature
Persian Literature

Russian Literature    
Serbian Literature

Marathi Literature

Indian-English Literature

South African Literature
Spanish Literature

Vietnamese Literature

Director of Indian Litearature

The literary ejournal


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External Links:

Sahitya Akademi
Multilingual Archieves
Tirukkural [Bilingual]
BhagatGita OnLine
Bharathiyar Kavithaigal
Tamil Writers Guild
Munshi Premchand
Dr UV Swaminatha Iyer
Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood. << TS Eliot
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